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Just a short post today, but a very important one.  Our tenacious development team has been chasing a nasty bug in the Visual KPI Designer for some time and we are pleased to report that it, like most others they come across, is dead and gone.

I won’t bore you with the details, but it involved using the query builder after rows had been deleted in the Designer, and the result was that you had to restart Excel to get back to work.  Many of our customers never noticed and it was (almost) never reported, but we are just as happy to see it gone.

So why a blog post on this one bug?  Simple.  If you are a customer or even using our free trial software, you will want to upgrade to the latest build ( to exterminate the bug on your own deployment.  We are also reaching out to offer help with the upgrade (via the web) for those that want it.  Really, why upgrade it yourself when you can get one of us on the line to do it for you?  Unless you don’t want to talk to us.  Really?  Wow.  We thought you liked us.

Anyway, we are here to answer any questions.  Oh, and there have been some serious features added in the last few weeks so be sure to view the release notes to see what you might be missing.

Best for now,