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You have seen hints of this, and maybe you even had a chance to see the beta version of it at the OSIsoft User’s Conference a few months ago, but now it is live and we’ve got it on video to show off all of the features.  Let’s jump right to it…

Simply put, the trend (or line chart) is one of the most critical parts of what we do and always has been.  For anyone who cares about performance monitoring and KPIs there are really two key meas ‘how am I doing right now?’, and ‘how am I doing over time (the trend)?’  OK, I guess you could say that ‘how am I doing compared to x?’ would also fit in that list, but the trend covers that as well.

So, here are some of the new features for summer 2012:

  • It’s HTML5, but still works with non-HTML5 browsers and on older phones
  • It’s faster – not sure how much, but a lot
  • It’s more interactive – you can zoom (tap, pinch, mouse, rubber band, scroll wheel, etc.), drag, lock cursors, export, toggle on/off pens.  There are multiple modes: box-zoom (just when you have a mouse), drag, cursors (live cursors!), cursor lock, etc.
  • It supports gestures on touch-based devices (smartphones, tablets and even Windows 8).  Swipe, scroll, pinch, and more.
  • It’s ALIVE! – a new feature called ‘autoplay’ will fetch data from your data source as fast as it updates, so you can watch the trend change in front of your eyes.  This is especially handy for fast-moving or volatile data.
  • It’s smart – let’s say you have a trend with thousands of points of data on it, but you are holding a smartphone with a screen that only has a few hundred pixels to work with.  Should you send across all of the data anyway?  Of course not.  That would be a huge waste of bandwidth and useless, but in the past when you zoomed in we had to refresh the page for you.  Now the trend is smart enough to fill in the exact amount of data (fresh from the data source) as you change your view.  Zoom in, and the trend will show more detail (and vice versa).  Drag left or right and the trend will automatically get the exact amount of data.

So, what next?

  • See the trend in action on your own smartphone, tablet or browser.  Click here!
  • Existing customer?  Just upgrade to the latest version
  • Haven’t tried it yet?  Sign up for a 30-day pilot and we will put Visual KPI on one of your servers (or VMs) and set it up in just 90 minutes over the web.  No obligation.