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Here’s a quick video of some new features related to customizing the status of your KPIs in our mobile BI web app.  See our release notes or the Transpara YouTube channel for more new features.

Two New States
KPI status colors were always customizable, but now we have added more KPI status options (now you have 10 possible states – default names of the new ones are High High High and Low Low Low).  Speaking of naming…

Custom Status Names
You can now rename each of the KPI states, which is a big step for those customers who use their own terms for states.  Instead of “High High” you can use ‘Critical’ or ‘Spectacular’ or even ‘Hot.’  Oh, and these names extend through to alerts and every other part of the application.

Custom Status Icons
Base on the request of one of our earliest customers, we have added a small library of status icons so you can choose your own for each state.  For some people an up arrow means High while to others it may mean North.  Now you can choose from all of the basics and even some fun ones like a thumbs up icon, question marks and so on.

Here’s a quick video we threw together showing off the new options:

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