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Last September (or was it October?) we released a powerful new mobile BI feature called ‘GeoMaps’ that let you view any type of data or object on a map, using any device.  You can see videos about GeoMaps and other features here.  People have responded to this feature in droves and seem to love it, but we always considered just half finished.  We are pleased to report that with Visual KPI version we have completed the other half…

‘Near Me’ further blurs the line between an installed app and a web app by using your smartphone or tablet’s GPS from the browser to visualize your data in the context of your current location.  Simply put, it lets you filter anything in your system by what is “Near Me.”

Here’s a quick video of the feature in action:

This new feature can be used in combination with GeoMaps (to map the data near you) or on its own (e.g. a list of KPIs sorted by their distance from you) and it takes advantage of the W3C Geolocation API so most newer smartphones and tablets (iOS – iPhone/iPad, Android, BlackBerry OS 6+) already support it and just about every new device being released does as well.  It even works with some desktop browsers like Google Chrome, Firefox and Opera, using your IP address to provide an approximate location (unless you have a PC with a GPS in it).

Configuration is very simple.  Once you assign GIS coordinates (latitude and longitude) to any object in the system via the Visual KPI Designer, just go to the features tab and turn on ‘Near Me.’  That’s it.  Using the feature is just as easy: from your phone, tablet or browser using Visual KPI, just click the filter icon and below the status filters you will see the option to filter by location.  Choose the distance and the unit of measure (e.g. feet, meters, miles or kilometers) and say ok.

We have quite a few customers who helped us define this feature (you know who you are, and thanks!) and we look forward to getting more feedback from the rest of you.

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