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Add Custom Chart Colors

By default, Visual KPI adds color to charts. In Visual KPI Designer, you can simply create a chart and Visual KPI will add default colors or you can customize your charts by selecting default colors. But you can also add custom chart colors.

When you create a new chart, you’ll have default colors to choose from. To add custom chart colors to the list, use Site Settings to define your new colors. Then you’ll see these colors in the charts worksheet.

Add Custom Chart Colors

Open Visual KPI Designer.

Use the site settings icon () to access Features & Config/Chart Colors.

sitewide settings Website

The Chart Color Configuration worksheet opens with a list of all default color names and default colors. To the right of the worksheet is the color configuration tool where you can use the color picker to select and add custom colors.

If you are using light & dark themes, you add a Custom Name and Custom Color for each theme.

  • Enter a Custom Name for the color.
  • Enter a hex value in the Custom Color column or use the color picker.

Add Custom Chart Colors with the Color Picker

Select the Light Theme or Dark Theme icon () next to the color you want to customize.

When the color picker opens, select a color and click OK.

Click the Save icon (  ) in the Chart Color Configuration menu.

In this example, we’ve assigned a light theme to Color 1 with the Custom Name Company Blue and used the color pick to match the brand color.

For the dark theme, we’ve added the Custom Name Company Blue2 and used the color picker slider to choose a less intense version of Company Blue. This will show up better in the dark theme.

Preview Custom Chart Colors for Light & Dark Themes

Want to see how your new custom chart colors will look on light & dark themes? You can preview colors on each theme by clicking the sun () and moon () icons to toggle between light & dark themes.

You can choose a default theme in your Visual KPI site, and users can toggle between light & dark themes, if you enable this feature.

Selecting Chart Colors

When you add custom chart colors, these become the new default colors sitewide. They will override the original Visual KPI defaults. Your custom chart colors will appear in the pulldown menu next to all of your charts that have a color or pen option. For all existing charts, if default colors are selected, all chart colors will be updated immediately with your new custom colors.

You can select a color for any chart by opening the appropriate chart worksheet in Visual KPI Designer, and using the pulldown menu to select a color from the defaults.

Reset Custom Chart Colors to Default

If you change your mind and want to reset a color to the Visual KPI default, use the Reset to Default icon ( ) in the color picker tool. If you select the Reset to Default icon in the Chart Color Configuration menu, all colors will reset to default.

Or you can reset individual colors by using the icon next to each color.

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