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Configure Box Plots

Box Plots allow you to quickly compare distributions among groups of data or data sets. This article shows you how to configure Box Plots in Visual KPI Designer. Users can also configure Box Plots ad-hoc in Visual KPI sites.

You can configure Box Plots to show the statistical distribution of data, and as always in Visual KPI, the data can be viewed over time. For example, in a series of temperatures over a specified time, you could quickly see the lowest, highest and median temperature, as well as the median temperature in the upper and lower quartiles.

Visual KPI Box Plots

In Visual KPI sites, hover over Box Plots to see the distributed values. You can configure Box Plots based on time-series or non-time-series data. You can also configure Box Plots manually, or you can configure query-based Box Plots.

There are four ways to render Box Plots in Visual KPI:

  • KPI-based Box Plots (created ad-hoc in Visual KPI sites)
  • Managed Box Plots (defined Pens)
  • Query-based Box Plots (pre-calculated stats)
  • Query-based Box Plots (raw data)

Managed and query-based Box Plots are configured in Visual KPI Designer.

Define Box Plots Attributes

To configure Box Plots in Visual KPI Designer, create a new chart and then define attributes. Box Plots are found under Charts in Visual KPI Designer (see Create & Configure Charts).

After you have created and configured some basic attributes for a Box Plot, such as the name, description and display order, you can begin to describe the data that will build the Box Plots. Here, we show you the basic attributes that you need to set in order design a basic Box Plot. To see all of the possible attributes you can configure, see Charts Attributes & Keywords Reference Guide.

Configure Box Plot Values and/or Interfaces

To add data to your Box Plots, you add a value, calculation and/or interface for each box. You can also add Connect Strings.

You can select the color for each box, or leave the attribute blank and Visual KPI will assign a default color. The bars may not have varied colors, but may be all the same color. Bar colors can also be read from a database.

Query-based Box Plots (pre-calculated stats)

The query or stored procedure can either take in no date (static), a timestamp (point in time with scroll interval), or a start and end timestamp (range-based).

The query must return the following fields (names are important):

  • Required: Min, Q1, Median, Q3 and Max
  • Optional: Name and Color (hex).

Example Query Result:

Unit A#2229995.62250.36196.2
Unit B#445ba32125262102
Unit C#2229991115161101
Unit D#445ba32125262102
Unit E#2229991115161101

Query-based Box Plots (raw data)

The query or stored procedure can either take in no date (static), a timestamp (point in time with scroll interval) or a start and end timestamp (range-based).

Note: If you have a lot of data, raw data query-based Box Plots will perform more slowly. It may be better to calculate the stats in your database and let Visual KPI read the stats.

The query must return the following fields (names are important):

  • Required: Name, Value
  • Optional: Color (hex).

Example Query Result:

Tank 100#ff00002.518743
Tank 100#ff000036.04321
Tank 100#ff000036.04899
Tank 100#ff00004.524793
Tank 100#ff000030.03399
Tank 100#ff000075.10507
Tank 100#ff000016.27936
Tank 100#ff00003.727154
Tank 100#ff000070.82908
Tank 100#ff000034.35118
Tank 100#ff000050.94028
Tank 100#ff00008.945774
Tank 100#ff00008.21571
Tank 100#ff000069.39197
Tank 100#ff000014.36303
Tank 100#ff000028.87502
Tank 100#ff000064.85866
Tank 100#ff00008.042771
Tank 100#ff000082.21662
Tank 100#ff00009.182889
Tank 200#66990099.31781
Tank 200#66990053.81911
Tank 200#66990031.66138
Tank 200#66990046.3167
Tank 200#66990083.92754
Tank 200#66990041.04061
Tank 200#66990036.23586
Tank 200#66990036.43569
Tank 200#66990039.58512
Tank 200#66990039.3236
Tank 200#66990027.56381
Tank 200#66990021.48692
Tank 200#66990031.75562
Tank 300#0f0c6a23.78412
Tank 300#0f0c6a56.72254
Tank 300#0f0c6a72.53793
Tank 300#0f0c6a84.15907
Tank 300#0f0c6a0.64275
Tank 300#0f0c6a94.00596
Tank 300#0f0c6a42.69934
Tank 300#0f0c6a28.84172
Tank 300#0f0c6a22.7959
Tank 300#0f0c6a95.69447
Tank 300#0f0c6a77.79046
Tank 300#0f0c6a80.76861
Tank 300#0f0c6a65.83209
Tank 300#0f0c6a77.81121
Tank 300#0f0c6a30.87171
Tank 300#0f0c6a13.10914
Tank 300#0f0c6a34.23243
Tank 300#0f0c6a35.14107
Tank 300#0f0c6a53.35695
Tank 300#0f0c6a55.39998
Tank 300#0f0c6a71.14835
Tank 300#0f0c6a73.88289
Tank 300#0f0c6a67.81475
Tank 300#0f0c6a32.29184
Tank 300#0f0c6a85.13162
Tank 300#0f0c6a13.55591
Tank 300#0f0c6a51.95866


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