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Configure Visual KPI Timestamp Display

Visual KPI shows your data in real time. The timestamp display in the top bar of Visual KPI sites shows you the exact time, down to the second, that the currently viewed data was returned. You can choose to display the timestamp based on the server time or the client time, even if the server and Visual KPI client are in different time zones.

By default, the timestamp display in Visual KPI sites is set to Client Time, which is the time indicated by the device on which you are accessing the Visual KPI client. For example, if your phone is set to show the time in San Francisco and you access a Visual KPI site from this phone, the timestamp will display the current time according to your phone. But if the timestamp is set to Server Time and your server is set to New York time, the timestamp in Visual KPI will show New York time.

You configure the timestamp display using Visual KPI Designer. You can set the default to Client Time or Server Time, and you decide whether or not users can change the timestamp display setting in the client.

Set the Default Timestamp Display

Open Visual KPI Designer.

Use the  Site Settings icon () to access Features & Config/Website.

sitewide settings Website

The Website Configuration worksheet opens. This is where you configure all of the site-wide settings for your Visual KPI sites.

By default, the Visual KPI client (or site) is set to display the timestamp as Client Time. This is the time setting that displays according to the device you’re using to access the Visual KPI client.

Use the pulldown menu to select the default client display time: Client Time or Server Time.

client display time

Enable or Disable Changes to Timestamp Display

Once you set the Default Client Display Time, you can decide whether or not users can change the timestamp display inside the Visual KPI client. In the Website Configuration worksheet, use the pulldown menu next to Allow Users to Change Client Display Time.

client display time

To allow users to change the Client Display Time and toggle between client display time and server time, select TRUE.

In your Visual KPI site, users will have the option to toggle between client display time and server time.

display client time

If you don’t want users to change the default display time, select FALSE. The toggle won’t appear in your Visual KPI site.

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