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A few months ago one of our customers helped us out with a webinar to show others how they saved quite a bit of time and money (millions, actually).  When we got into the details with them, a really amazing mobile business intelligence (#mobilebi) story emerged that we thought warranted more coverage than just that audience.  Thankfully we recorded the webinar so here it is in all of its shining glory.

Customer: Alyeska Pipeline

Speakers: Darryl Hammond, Former Maintenance Lead at Alyeska and Michael Saucier, CEO of Transpara

Primary Data Source: OSIsoft PI System

Basically, the Alyeska story runs for the first 20 minutes or so and then it switches to a demo of the Visual KPI Mobile BI software, but even the demo is done in the context of how Alyeska uses it.  It also happens to be a great case study of how the new GeoMaps feature can really be put to use with GIS / geographical mapping of assets and KPIs using latitude and longitude.  All of the data is demo data, but the mapping is real.

Enjoy the video and let us know what you think!

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