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Near Me Filter (Filtering by Distance)

Visual KPI has the ability to show assets geographically located near you. It’s called the Near Me Filter.

Visual KPI uses the GPS on your mobile device (or IP address on a non-GPS device, which is less accurate) to filter and sort information based on your current location. This is useful if you want to show only assets within a specific radius of where you are.

If this feature has been turned on by your admin in the Visual KPI Designer, you can access it via the Filters icon ().

The Near Me filter can work with Groups, KPIs, Charts, or Tables. You can use Near Me to filter and/or sort any visualization by distance, and if your admin has enabled the Geo Map feature, you can view the filtered assets on a map.

geo maps

To filter by assets near you:

  • Click the Filter icon
  • Select Near Me Filter
  • Enter the distance you want Visual KPI to search
  • Click Apply

near me filter

Learn more about Geo Maps

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