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Upgrade Visual KPI Sites

Upgrade Visual KPI sites using the Visual KPI Server Manager. You can upgrades sites individually, or upgrade all sites at the same time.

Download the latest version of the Visual KPI Server Manager. If you already have Visual KPI Server Manager installed, this download will automatically update to the latest version. You can get the latest version here:

For instructions on downloading and installing Visual KPI Server Manager, see Install Visual KPI Server and Server Manager.

Note: As part of the server upgrade process, the Visual KPI Designer (our configuration client) instances on users’ local machines will need to be upgraded, too. If you are using the Visual KPI Designer on other machines, just run the installation on the target machine and that’s it.

Watch a video to learn how to upgrade Visual KPI sites.

To upgrade Visual KPI sites:

  1. Launch the Visual KPI Server Manager.
    upgrade Visual KPITip: If you have many sites lists, sort by version to see which sites need to be upgraded.
  2. Select one site to upgrade, or select the top-level that includes more than one site.
    To upgrade one site, right-click the site and select Upgrade Instance.
    upgrade Visual KPITo upgrade more than one site, Select the top-level of all sites to include, and select Upgrade All Site Instances.
    upgrade Visual KPI
  3. When the wizard opens, click Next.
  4. Accept terms of the license agreement and click Next.
  5. Your options will differ based on whether you are updating one site or many: If you are upgrading one site, you’ll have the option to update the license key and change the setup information, such as the site admin contacts. If you are upgrading many sites, the wizard offers you the option to select which sites to upgrade. You can sort by version.
    upgrade Visual KPI
    Any sites that require major upgrades will not be selected by default. You must select them manually. Upgrades cannot be undone, so make sure you want to upgrade the sites you select. Sites that are current will be marked “version is current.”
  6. Once you’ve selected the sites you want to upgrade, click Next.
  7. Review setup information. The list of sites to be upgraded will be included. Click Next to begin the upgrade.
    upgrade Visual KPI
    During the upgrade process, you can cancel any at any time, and those sites that have not yet started the upgrade process will not be upgraded.
  8. When all upgrades are complete, you can click Finish to exit the wizard.


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