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KPI Maps

KPI maps, if configured by your admin, show a graphical heat map of all the KPIs in the level you are currently viewing.

Visual KPI map view

Click the KPI Map icon ( to see this view.

This view adapts to the size of screen you are working with and how many KPIs are visible. For example, if you have many KPIs on a small screen, KPI maps show colored boxes, while fewer KPIs on a larger screen show values on the KPI maps.

Visual KPI map view shows small KPI icons with no values when there are many KPIs on the screen

On KPI maps, color indicates status. If any of your KPIs are in critical status, you’ll know immediately by the status color. When your screen is large enough to show more details, you’ll also see status symbols and values.

KPI status critical

The lower right corner of a KPI will warn you when a KPI status has recently changed. The lower-right corner will blink for a few seconds and then will remain a different color for a period of time (determined by an administrator using the Visual KPI Designer).

KPI status changed

Click any KPI to expand it and see more details. Click several KPIs to expand them; this moves them to the top of your KPI map.

Visual KPI map view in alert






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