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Gauge/Dial/Speedometer Charts

Gauge charts, also known as Dial or Speedometer, are a meter-type visualization that shows the real-time status of a KPI, indicated by a gauge and needle, within a range that includes targets and actual values. Gauge/Dial/Speedometer charts include a minimum to and maximum range (such as low to high targets), along with an indicator for an ideal target.

gauge/dial/speedometer charts

Gauge/Dial/Speedometer charts can be used to show actual performance versus targets or progress toward a target for anything from temperature, weight and speed to percentages of sales or work completed, performance, and more.

Gauge charts are ideal for showing

  • actual status in relation to targets
  • progress toward a goal
  • a percentage measurement

If configured by your administrator, you can visualize any trend as a Gauge chart. Simply click the gauge icon on any KPI trend view.

gauge/dial/speedometer charts

gauge/dial/speedometer charts

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