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Visual KPI Tables

Sometimes data is just meant to be shown in a table. This may be the case when data just makes sense in a list, isn’t right for a KPI or a chart, or is more transactional in nature. Tables are great for maintenance logs, shift reports, or a list of servers and their availabilities and they are oh so very easy to search.

Visual KPI Tables

Sometimes you just have a table or some rectangular data somewhere that you really want to see live in Visual KPI in a browser or your phone. This is where the Visual KPI Tables feature comes to the rescue.

Visual KPI Tables

Visual KPI Tables features:

  • Visualize any tabular or rectangular data.
  • Visualize time-series or non-time-series data.
  • Tables support time ranges/filtering and can be scrolled forward or back in time.
  • Tables can be query-based.
  • Tables can be searched, and so can individual columns
  • Tables support HTML content (including color, links, icons, and more).

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