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Dashboard View

The Visual KPI Dashboard view is one you’ll use most often. Your most important KPIs live on your Visual KPI Dashboard.

Visual KPI Dashboard view

Dashboards that are not locked down are customizable, and you can create as many new Dashboards as you want, with any objects as you need. Add Group Rollups, KPI list views, geo maps, and even embedded links to external resources.

Dashboards are tied to Profiles and Profile Groups, and like Dashboards, you can have unlimited Profiles and Profile Groups.

Here more features of Dashboards:

  • Dashboards belong to Profiles, which in turn, belong to Profile Groups.
  • The Dashboard view can be role-based, personal, asset-based, or any other imaginable use-case.
  • A Dashboard view can be locked down by administrators or secured so that only certain profile types can view them. And this can be configured individually for each Dashboard view.
  • Dashboard objects can have independent time, or you can control time across the entire Dashboard.

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