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Ad Hoc Trend View

The Ad Hoc Trend view, or simply Ad Hoc Trend, is a custom type of trend that you can build right inside your Visual KPI site. You can save an Ad Hoc Trend and add it to the Dashboard. Like all Visual KPI objects, Ad Hoc Trends that you create update in real time.

Visual KPI Ad Hoc Trend view

The Ad Hoc Trend view is the same as any other KPI Trend or managed trend, but you create or edit Ad Hoc Trends in the browser on any device.

Visual KPI Ad Hoc Trend view

Here are some of the features of an Ad Hoc Trend:

  • Create an Ad Hoc Trend from any KPI List View.
  • Use up to 20 pens per trend.
  • When viewing an existing trend and you select Ad Hoc Trend, you start with the existing pens, then you can edit and add more.
  • Support for future data for forecasting and predictive analytics.
  • Get the full array of trending tools, just like when you’re inside any Visual KPI trend.

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