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Visual KPI Link View

You’ll find links all over Visual KPI. Visual KPI links can be configured by administrators or by Visual KPI site users. And the Visual KPI Link view is not limited to internal links; you can add external links to software or other tools you use often.

Below we’ve added some of the most common places you’ll find the Visual KPI links view:

Links from an object, such as a KPI, chart or group (as in the image above). These are added as an attribute via Visual KPI Designer. These links are tied to the object and available to all profiles.
Visual KPI object link

Links on a Dashboard, using the Customize Dashboard widget. These links are tied to a Dashboard, so only profiles with access to these Dashboards will see them.
Visual KPI links view

Links on the Bookmark Bar; these links are tied to a profile.
Visual KPI links view

Links on the Nav Bar; these links are sitewide and everyone with access to the site will see them.

Links within Detail Pages.
Visual KPI links view

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