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Group Roll-ups

Group Roll-ups are bar charts that give you a visual summary of how all of your KPIs in a defined set (group) are performing at a glance. The colors on Group Rollups indicate status and are relative to the other colors. Each bar shows the performance of the group in percentages and rolls them up to show how that group is performing.

The top bar in Group Roll-ups (parent group) represents the overall status of the group. It includes the parent group and all child groups. That means that no matter how many levels of groups you have, the parent group will always roll-up the overall status of all the KPIs in that group, and every group that belongs to that group.

Group Rollups with parent group

Whether you have 5 or 500,000 KPIs, you’ll instantly know where things are going wrong.

The Group Roll-up is also the list view of a group. If there are any charts or tables in the group, you’ll see them below the Group Roll-ups, at each level where any may exist.

And you can drill-down from Group Roll-ups to get into the details. 

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