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KPI Bullet Chart View

The KPI Bullet Chart view is similar to the KPI List View and Status History view, but the KPI Bullet Chart view focuses on the current status of the KPI relative to targets and limits.

Visual KPI Bullet Chart view

The KPI Bullet Chart view is optimized for mobile, so comparing peer KPIs at a glance is easy.

For the KPI Bullet Chart, you have multiple view options. Use the Grouping icon ( ) to select from the Default view, Actual EU (engineering units), Deviation %, and Deviation EU. Note: the example above is showing the Deviation % view which centers the target and shows which KPIs are deviating by a great % from their target.

Visual KPI Bullet Chart Type

To make the Bullet Chart view possible, each KPI requires a minimum amount of information to be included in its configuration. For example,  you need a minimum of one limit and even then it will be very limited. One of the most important attributes to add to each KPI is a min and max value. These are the limits of what you expect to be possible and where any value outside of this is most likely incorrect data (e.g. a KPI measuring available disk space should never be able to show a negative number or a number larger than the size of your disk).

Below is an example Bullet Chart list starting with its associated limit information from the Visual KPI Designer and followed by the resulting view in the Visual KPI client view:

KPI Limit Examples for a Bullet Chart

In all cases, the leftmost edge is defined by the first non-empty low side value (min, LLL, LL, L, Actual) while the rightmost edge is defined by the last non-empty high side value (max, HHH, HH, H, Actual).

Bullet Chart List View with Limit Variations

Finally, here are some additional details for three of the examples in the list above:

KPI Bullet Chart Example 1

KPI Bullet Chart Example 3

KPI Bullet Chart Example 11

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