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Multi-Pen Managed Trends

Trends are one of the most powerful features of Visual KPI because they are so highly configurable. KPIs automatically have trends, users can create trends on the fly (Ad-hoc trends), or you can configure Multi-Pen Managed Trends in Visual KPI Designer.

While KPI trends are configured around a single actual value, plus targets and limits, a Managed Trend is a separate type of object that can contain up to 20 pens (from one or many data sources). Like any other object in Visual KPI, managed trends can have attributes, be members of groups, are customizable, and more.

Visual KPI Managed Trend

If Managed Trends have been configured by your admin, you can still do all the fun stuff with Managed Trends that you do with any Visual KPI Trend. Create Ad-hoc trends, set time ranges, use gestures, and more.

Visual KPI Managed Trend

Multi-Pen Managed Trends can be configured by your admin in Visual KPI Designer or Remote Context Server. Managed Trends in Visual KPI support future data for forecasting and predictive analysis.

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